A lot to offer ...

One of the best things to do in the Algarve is a lazy, relaxing boat trip.  The coastline and beaches are gorgeous and the seas are home to a huge array of marine wildlife, including dolphins who just love to swim alongside the boats.



Sublime scenery with views across the sparkling sea, an abundance of sunshine and excellent facilities make the Algarve a favourite with cyclists.



Diving. A different Algarve will uncover before your eyes. Diving in Sagres is an unmissable experience.

Are you ready or A memorable boat excursion for the whole family? Dolfin watching is an incredible experience for all, adults and children.


Visit the amazing Ponta de Piedade with its fabulous caves, stunning cliffs.






Walking, hiking or ramling, call it what you will, the sheer joy of being close to nature with all the beautiful scentery, flora and fauna found across the Algarve.





Portugal is the ideal setting for horse riding with its varied terrain and wonderfull climate.



Come experience the best in the Algarve has to offer. You get to see the coastline from the a whole new persective.


Experience an unique adventure while snorkeling treking and kayaking around the beautifl coastline.



Have an excellent professional massage. A moment of pure relaxation and pleasure in your own holiday home.


The warm waters of the Algarve provide the perfect conditions for sailing. On the refresing Altantic Ocean, the Algarve Coast is Portugal´s most popular seaside.


Dont feel like cooking? Hire a private chef!



Try stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Take in the sights of Lagos, the grottos, beaches and Algarve coast from the water.


The southwest coast of Portugal is a surfer’s paradise. The unbroken waves rolling in from the Atlantic are perfect for training surfing skills

Windsurfing for the beginner or seasoned expert. Windsurfing is an exciting water sport that combines sailing with surfing.






Thorw away your watch, you won´t be needing it. Revitalise the body mind and spirit.